3 essential Internet Advertising Techniques for every SME

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Internet Advertising Techniques for every SME

Most of you out there still think that advertising and marketing stops at digital and print media agencies like TV/Radio stations, Fliers, Newspapers, Banners and other form of conventional methods that were existing before the rise of the INTERNET and SMARTPHONES. Due to advancement in technology over the years the internet has now become a more convenient source for information and entertainment, and since smartphones are very handy and internet connection has been made accessible to more people, there is a very large population of individuals who are surfing the web on daily basis for different reasons.

After the Invention of the internet, lots of amazing products and services were developed to further enhance the dissemination of information and entertain this large online audience. The Internet has now become the number one source of information and entertainment in the world, thus making it the number one channel for marketing and advertising.

Below are 3 basic digital marketing technique that every SME must incorporate into their overall marketing strategy


The first thing you need to do before you start paid advertising is acquiring a web space for your business or brand, this should give your prospective customer or client their desired insights about your business. This space could be in form of a website, blog, or a single landing page, Now whichever you choose to create would strongly depend on what kind of products/ services you are offering, and you can definitely contact us to know which of these outlets would work best for your business and how we can help you design and develop any of them.


Search engine optimization is a process that allows your website, blog or web page to show up on  a search engines result page when an individual searches for keywords relating to your business on search engines like google, Bing, yahoo etc. SEO is the most important aspect of a digital marketing strategy because a lot of internet users are using search engines (google) to search for information and it is really important that user who searching for products and services that you offer are able to find you.


 Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and pinterest have become the second most used internet platforms after search engines. These platforms serves as a social community where different individuals are capable of communicating with themselves and shear their opinion about several issues, making it highly entertaining, educative, informative and definitely populated. Advertising on these social media platforms would definitely give you an edge over your competition.


These are the first three online advertising/ digital marketing technique that we recommend for any small or medium scale enterprise that is considering to use online marketing as a channel to reach out to its target audience. They are other intermediate and advance form of digital marketing techniques like Retargeting, In-app Ads, Display Ads etc.

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