Top 9 Amazing Graphic Design Software for Web Designers & Beginners

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What is the essential graphic design software for web designers and beginners? Nowadays, newbies or beginners in the web industry always find it difficult to design visually appealing graphics for their website project. 

Graphics plays an eye-catching role in creating the outlook of your website. A user gets to browse several pages on a website that is designed with gripping content, slideshows, and eye-catching visual headers. Great graphics design is one way you can use to promote your brand image on B2B Podcast.

If you’re a beginner in the field of website development and graphic designing, you will require graphic design software.

What Are the Best Graphic Design Software for Web Designers

As a beginner web designer you need essential software programs that graphic designers used that will render a professional look to your web graphics. For instance, Cifwep Digital Creative Agency uses various graphic design programs for their web design and creative graphics projects.

The graphic designing software may not be terrific complex applications with a ton of tools and tweaks for you to make, but their best strength is to get your graphics done at the earliest.

A recent study shows that professional graphic designers mindset for every design project is to turn brilliant ideas and create visual concepts that can inspire, inform, & transform a larger audience. Learn how to use industry-leading software, tools and resources to build innovative design projects, logos, graphics for print media and web sites.

In order to create a website with appealing visuals, you will require graphic design software to help improve the images, text, icons, headers, and models that appear on the website.

Let’s talk about what web designers consider to be the best graphic design software on the net. There are divided into four main categories.

  1. Latest Graphic Design Software – up and coming releases and software on the market that are proven to be useful.
  2. Essential Graphic Design Software – this type of best graphic design software are beneficial to everyone especially beginners and newbie web developers.
  3. Graphic Design Software for Beginners – these tools are tailored to beginners who are newcomers and exploring the best options for web design and development.
  4. Graphic Design Helpers – It’s a must have stuff that makes your web design work easier but not necessarily mandatory for all web design related tasks.

Graphic design software that are known as the best professional web design software for graphics creation

1. Xara Xtreme – Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Xara Xtreme – Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Xara Xtreme formerly known as XaraLX for Windows is the fastest graphics program and tool for all your drawing, photography and design needs. It is an image editing program that incorporates vector illustration and photo editing. The tool was created by Xara, a British software company. For example, Geomel Group Legal Firm graphic designers used Xara Xtreme Graphic Design software to design all the graphics needed for their law firm website design, online & printed brochures, and offline advertising materials here in Nigeria.

Features of Xara Xtreme

  • One integrated program
  • Sophisticated & high performance speed
  • Intuitive direct action tools
  • Easy, drag & drop principle
  • Infinite undo/redo
  • Zoom to 25,000%
  • Top quality screen display
  • Solid object editing
  • Auto update service
  • Remote online editing

Why Choose Xara Xtreme

  • You can use anti-aliasing to work with bitmap and vector images.
  • Works in real-time.
  • Maximum screen quality.
  • Can be used to mask a photo to prevent reverse image search by search engines.

2. Serif Drawplus – in-built best free web design tools 

Serif Drawplus – in-built best free web design tools

Serif Drawplus software is a 2D vector graphic & animation software developed by Serif, a UK-based software company. Serif Drawplus is graphic design software that allows web designers to design artistic images using essential graphics designing tools to maximize their usage. If you are running and managing Instagram Ads campaigns, Serif Drawplus is the best choice to create beautiful images, graphics and photos hacks for your Instagram Ads.

Why Choose Serif Drawplus

  • Photo editing application for Windows.
  • Easily crop photos.
  • 100% safe & virus free.
  • Ability to enhance objects with effects.
  • Manipulate & touch up photos.
  • Top rated graphics software for both online and print designs.

Features of Serif Drawplus

  • Automatically traces a photo.
  • Can easily edit & alter a traced photo into vector images.
  • Ability to change images and objects into 3-D B-Spline curves. 
  • Customized workspace to improve workflow.
  • EPS Export
  • Hairlines are designed for output to cutters.
  • New quick shapes & Photo Lab improvement.
  • Rostrum camera & smart sizing
  • Vector fills & vector flood fill.
  • Animations, Blend & Auto trace.

3. Corel PhotoImpact | Top 3 on web design software list for 2019 

Corel PhotoImpact | Top 3 on web design software list for 2019

Corel PhotoImpact X3 combines easy-to-use photo editing tools with inspiring digital art and photo projects to create digital photography & image creativity easy, fun & fast.

Features of Corel PhotoImpact

  • Express Fix feature for novices to edit color saturation & correct exposure.
  • Noise reduction (automatic)
  • White balance tool
  • Smart Curves tool
  • Cropping tools
  • Insertion & extraction of objects easily.
  • Multiple file formats including RAW data.
  • Massive Library.

Why Choose Corel Photoimpact

  • Capabilities for both photo & basic web page design.
  • Simple interface to navigate
  • Basic & advanced editing tools
  • Photo organizer that supports many files format & types.
  • Good choice for both beginners & professionals.
  • Helps prevent reverse image searching tools from identify the original image source.

4. CyberLink Photo Editor | Get a website design software free – Download Now

CyberLink Photo Editor | Get a website design software free – Download Now

Cyber Link Photo Editor is a pro graphic design tools and award-winning photo editing software and the best graphic design software for 2019 programs for Windows PCs. As the best value photo editing software, CyberLink Photo Editor, features a wide range of easy to use quality tools that allows you to turn your photos into amazing artwork.

It is definitive photography software for web designers for empowering creativity with photo manipulation and editing.

Why Choose CyberLink Photo Editor

  • Express template packs containing stunning images.
  • One-click photo presets including split tone, HDR, portraits & landscape, and black & white.
  • Creativity powered by AI that analyzes images to identify different aspect of each shot & details.
  • One-click keystone correction that fix image perspective to make objects to be flat on the horizon.

Features of CyberLink

Check out some of the innovative photo editing features.

  • Amazing photos from video to create impressive animated GIFs.
  • Vibrant motion stills.
  • Incredible multi exposure shots.
  • Video-to-photo face swap.
  • Face & people beautification.
  • Create panorama images from 360* shots.
  • Straighten 360* photos to remove distortions.
  • 360* Little Planets that turns photos into a world of its own.
  • Shaper images & better clarity.
  • Soft proofing.
  • Tattered shooting.
  • Advanced layer editing.
  • Content-aware editing.
  • Cloud storage with 25GB, backup & share project files & backup system settings.

5. Sumo Paint – rated as top 10 web design software

Sumo Paint – rated as top 10 web design software

Sumo Paint is a funkiest painting app online and is considered as a free online flashed-based image editor similar to Adobe Photoshop & has web based paint features similar to Pixlr. It’s an easy to master paint & photo editor that is not only free and affordable but powerful.

Sumo Paint is also a full featured image editing and painting application for web designers and graphic designers with an active community of over 1 million registered members and over 500 million saved images.

In addition to its image design creation & photo editing features. With its unique features and tools such as filters, image manipulations and painting tools are the smoothest, fastest & most versatile tools online.

Sumo Paints Features

  • Sumo text tool
  • Active community of artists
  • Sumo menu bar similar to Photoshop
  • Easy to use user interface
  • Free updates for other future tools
  • Online & offline applications available for commercial use.

Why Choose Sumo Paint

  • It’s simple to use interface
  • Unique digital drawing tools
  • Create geometric shapes & beautiful symmetric patterns
  • Integrate with the use of studio grade technology.
Pro Tips

Sumo Paint is a free browser-based application with its own image manipulation programs that include tools that tint, alter images, subtly smudge, filters blur and create effects. It allows you to create basic edits like photo cropping, and draw your own images.

6. Sketch-Up – Alternative to Google Web Designer

Sketch-Up – Alternative to Google Web Designer

Sketch-Up is simply a 3D modeling computer program for a wide range of drawing applications such as UX/UI designs for web design, interior design, architectural, civil & mechanical engineering, landscape architecture, film & video game design.

SketchUp is no longer under the Google umbrella with the recent acquisition by Trimble. Sketchup intuitive interface is better known with the motto “3D modeling for everyone”.

Also, SketchUp is a premier 3D design software that makes 3D modeling for everyone with intuitive toolset that empowers you to create design imaginations (whatever you can imagine). 

It’s the simplest free 3D modeling software on the web that makes your ideas come to life.

Sketch Up is easy to use with extensive database of user-created models that you can download & quickly manipulate all kinds of 3D models.

Features of Sketch Up

  • Amazing lighting effects
  • Create multi-page presentation sets
  • Intuitive layer manager
  • 2D models
  • 3D models
  • Powerful quality textures
  • Unique access to Trimble’s 3D warehouse
  • Robust animations
  • Geo-Locate models
  • Import CAD files, Export CAD & PDF files tools.

Why Choose Sketch Up

  • Ability to export animation videos of any size.
  • Built for web designers, architects, drafters, graphics designers or engineers.
  • Produce construction drawings.
  • A CAD solution ideal for creating & editing 2D & 3D concepts.
  • Features & tools that support both 2D & 3D designing.
  • Three modules available such as SketchUp free, SketchUp for school & SketchUp Pro.

7. – In-built with free web design tools – In-built with free web design tools is the #1 infographics maker for resumes that provides six great themes and allows you to sift through your credential & organize the details into an infographics. has become the go-to tools and graphic design software for Web Designers who want to put up a resume site for their portolio of clientele.

Instead of boring, lengthy and long overdue traditional text resume, helps you create this sort of professional resume for exporting infographics.

With amazing features, you can create your infographic resume for free and visualize your resume in one click.

Vizualize me

Features of

  • Beautiful and professional themes to choose from.
  • Language maps.
  • Experience timelines.
  • Skills bubble chart.
  • Tree maps, pictograms.
  • Print/download quality.

Why Choose

  • Ability to create an online resume format that is fun, beautiful and relevant to web design industry.
  • Express your professional accomplishments in a compelling personal visualization.
  • Turn your education, skills and experience into opportunities.
  • Reinvent the resume and build a more visual, relevant and dynamic resume.
  • Transform your text resume into an infographic.
  • Provide potential employers with snapshot of your skills and work experience that can be accessed even on mobile devices.
  • Turn your resume into a gorgeous, web-based infographic.
  • Infographic resumes are the future and new trends for CVs.

Get web design software free download full version

8. Paint.NET – Open source web design software

Paint.NET – Open source web design software

Paint.NET is a free image and photo editing software and a freeware raster graphics editor program for computers than run Windows, developed on the .NET framework.

The best Paint.NET feature is its user friendly interface that was created so that you can use it without reading the user guides or tutorials.

In fact, every user interface element, user icon and features were designed to be intuitive and learnable without any assistance or experts supports.

Here are some key features of Paint.NET.

Paint.NET Features

  1.  Open & edit multiple images on different tabs.
  2. Layers
  3. Intuitive user-friendly interface.
  4. Unlimited history – undo/redo actions session.
  5. Automatic updates.
  6. Support for many popular file formats such as png, jpeg, bmp, html, DDS, TGA, GIF, etc.
  7. Extensive language support.
  8. Performance optimized for latest hardware & Windows versions.
  9. Active friendly, passionate community of users.
  10. Extensibility for third party plugins.

Paint.NET application has been rebuilt to improve functionality and packed with new creative features into the latest UI (user interface).

Why Choose Paint.NET

  • Paint is fast to do simple tasks.
  • The color window allows you to set the primary & secondary colors & manage palettes.
  • It can solve non-standard photo editing tasks just like Photoshop and Google web designer.
  • You don’t require any technical skills or graphic design experience to use these free web design tools.
  • Better choice for non-professional graphic designer for creating amazing banner headers and creative logo graphics.
  • Does not require any courses or tutorials to get started.

9. SVG-edit – another alternative to Google web designer

SVG-edit – another alternative to Google web designer

SVG-edit is a great tool and web-based free and open source vector graphics editor for a web developer or graphic designer who wants to create and edit scalable vector graphics images within a web browser without requiring additional software installations.

It has the ability to store editor preferences and SVG content locally on your machine.

SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics and is an XML-based vector image format for two dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation unlike Xara products like Xara Designer.

No designer’s toolkit is complete for ecommerce header images and templates without SVG editor.

Features of SVG–edit – open source web design software

SVG-edit is a simple SVG conversion tool with great key features such as:

  • Lines
  • Templates
  • Freehand drawing
  • Polylines
  • Convert shapes to path
  • Ellipses/Circles
  • Wireframe
  • Rects/Squares
  • Raster Images
  • Intuitive Layout
  • Styleable Text

Why Choose SVG-edit

  1. SVG-edit is a web-based SVG editor that helps you to recreate vector drawings programmatically.
  2. Helps you modify an existing SVG file or output SVG.
  3. Powerful SVG-editor for your browser that takes less system resources during operations.
  4. Creative community of users.

Frequently Asked Questions about Essential Graphic Design Software for Web Designers & Beginners

How is graphic design different from web design?

The outstanding difference between graphic design and web design is the medium or platform used. There is more freedom in graphic design because graphic designers are not restricted by speed, programming or resolution. Whereas in the field of web design industry, professional web designers and developers must adhere to creative design concepts & standards with efficiency and speed for the web.

Do graphic designers create websites?

Graphic designers create visual designs by hand or using software programs that are installed on a computer desktop, to communicate concepts or ideas that captivate, motivate, inspire and inform consumers. They develop the layout and production design for applications like brochures, reports, magazines and advertisements.

Web design and graphic design are often in a similar or same creative designs niche. And generally web designers and graphic designers are always called “art designer”. Again, the design tools both graphic and web designers used are almost the same, and they can do the tasks related to web design or graphic design. Besides, web designer and graphic designer can seamlessly work together as a team. In summary, depending on the skills acquired and level of expertise, graphic designers can create websites.

Is a web designer a graphic designer?

A web designer is not a graphic designer by meaning of definition, but a web designer can also learn graphics design skills and become a graphic designer too. Web design involves creating graphics, typography & images just like graphic design and web design medium is the World Wide Web. Websites need to load fast, run efficiently and updated often whereas graphic design is like print media in its output format. A web designer has restrictions on what tasks they can perform. So, depending on skill sets a web designer can also be a graphic designer.

What free graphic design software is recommended?

The best free graphic design software that I would recommend for you include:

  • Photo Pos Pro
  • Canva
  • RawTherapee
  • SVG-Edi
  • Inkscape
  • Vectr
  • Gravit Designer
  • Krita
  • Pixlr
  • Paint.NET
  • Sumo Paint
  • GIMP
  • SketchUp Free
  • Daz Studio
  • Hexagon
  • Blender
  • Sculptris
  • Houdini Apprentice
  • Google Charts
  • Infogram
  • Klex
  • Google Fonts
  • Behance
  • WordPress
  • Dribbble

What are the some software which are used by Graphic designer, UX designer, UI designer & Web designer?

Every professional designer has their choice of software and preference but under each category or niche there is a general list:

  1. Graphic Designer
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Sketch
  1. UI Designer
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe After Effects
  • InVision
  • Pen + Pencil
  1. UX Designer
  • Sketch
  • Axure
  • Flinto
  • InVision
  • Pixate
  • Balsamiq
  • UX Pin
  • Omnigraffle
  1. Web Designer – Web Design Coding Tools
  • Sublime Text
  • GitHub
  • JSFiddle
  • Bootstrap
  • Colorzilla chrome extension for color pick
  • Code Pen

While the following software programs are among the most commonly used by graphic, UI, UX, and web designers.

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC
  2. CorelDraw
  3. Autodesk 3ds Max
  4. GIMP
  5. Blender
  6. Self CAD

In short, every designer has their own favorite tool they use for graphics or web design purposes. However, the above are specific tools that are common to the UX designers, UI designers, web designers, and graphic designers.

As a computer science student, should I choose a career in web development, web design, software engineering or graphic design? – H3

Web development is a part of the supreme science which requires strong analytical thinking, planning and problem solving skills.

Design (not the typical system or software design) requires painting skills, attention to details, social skills, interface, colors manipulation etc without any technical knowledge or design portfolio. So web design & graphic designs fall into the same framework & scope.

For developer career, you need a smart brain to understand the simplest coding or knowledge of HTML, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript & PHP or any backend language and how to manipulate databases.

So a journey of a thousand miles according to Lao Tzu begins with a single step that will help you become a professional in any of your choice career.

You need to get years of real experience experimenting graphic designs, building apps, solving problems and learn the basic & advanced courses in software engineering.

The choice is yours based on your present ability and learning curve.


This is the list of the top graphic design software programs for both beginners and web designers. 

Every professional has their own favorite tools they use for every design process or project.

So tell us what are your favorite tools and we would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

NDIFREKE atauyo is a Computer Science graduate from UNICAL and a full-time graphic designing and web design blogger. He lives in Calabar, Nigeria & writes about all things on Web Design, Tech, Software, Graphic Design, Mobile Application, Hosting, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Design etc at, & You can connect with him on Medium, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & LinkedIn.

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